Hello! This is an AutoSlide
This slide show is Dynamic
It is not completely featured
There is no use of Bootstrap or JQuery

You're now visiting the Dynamic Slide Show. The way to use it is not too hard. There are four textcharts, as you see the first one is the text you want to show (if you don't want to show any texts, just leave it empty). The second one is the background color of your slide; if you like to use an image for your background, it is not necessary to fill this chart. The next chart is the link(url) of the image you want to use. There are two things about this section. First: just enter the url, for example: https://something.smt. Don't use any other forms like url('something') , or src: url('something');. Second: because of the stability of quality, the slide show is not able to change the resolution of the image, which means the width and the height of the image should equal the slide show's, if not, the image will be repeated or not completely shown. The last chart indicates the font color of your text. About the control buttons; don't use ADD button when the first slide is being shown. It's because the period is getting repeated. The sequence of showing slides won't be affected but The only problem that will occur if you press the button is disturbing the sequence of the buttons, not anything else. The REMOVE button removes the last slide. Thanks alot, Design: HM